The island

Kalymnos : The island of sponge fishers and diving

The island keeps unspoiled its originality and local colour.
In Kalymnos, you can still taste the true life of the islands and experience the sponge fishers during their work, by enjoying at the same time tourist services of high standard.

In this beautiful island, you will enjoy nice walks, you will swim in amazing beaches with caves and you will discover sceneries that are still “virgin”, like the village of Vathy which is hidden in a green valley and reminds of a Norvegian fiord.
Kalymnos due to the geomorphology of its land, is one of the best known and valued destinations for climbing, attracting every year thousands lovers of the sport.

Things to do in Kalymnos

Monastery of Saint Savvas
Visit the Monastery to enjoy the magnificent view of the port of Kalymnos.

Chrysocheria Castle
It is located midway between Pothia and Chorio situated at a strategic point, on the top of a natural hill. Inside the castle you will find the church of Panagia and near the castle the three well-known stone built windmills.

Archaeological Museum of Kalymnos
It is located in Pothia. Exhibits include antiquities from the Prehistoric till the Post- Byzantine era, presenting the history of the island. The most important exhibit is the statue named “Lady of Kalymnos”.

Valsamidis Sea World Museum
An impressive collection of sea findings at the village of Vlychadia.

Visit to a sponge factory
Visit one of the sponge factories of Kalymnos in order to watch the procedure of sponge treatment and to learn the interesting and long history of sponge fishing.

Village of Vathi
We highly recommend a visit to the village of Vathi to admire the natural fiord but also the green valley. From the port of Vathi you can rent a canoe or kayak to explore the hidden coves and the beautiful beaches of Kabi and Almyres. If you are less sporty, at the port you can rent a taxi boat.

Absolute relax! Take the boat from Myrties and dedicate one day to discover the small island of Telendos. In the island there are no cars! You will walk around the picturesque streets, you will enjoy swimming in splendid beaches and you will eat in the traditional small taverns of the port.

If you have a few days to spend in Kalymnos, we highly recommend a visit to the island of Pserimos. The island is very small but with amazing beaches with crystal clear waters! If you are in a mood for walking, walk till the cove of Vathi and after 15:00 that all day trip boats are leaving enjoy the huge sandy beach of the port! Natural huge pool!

Kalymnos is the absolute climbing destination! A lot of climbing sectors for all levels will impress you. Our hotel works with experienced climbing guides that can train amateur climbers or accompany the more experienced ones.

Kalymnos disposes an amazing rocky sea bed with a rich ecosystem full of caves and shipwrecks. Due to the long tradition in diving the experienced divers will share with you their secrets!

Don’t miss a dive between Myrties and the island of Telendos to admire the sunk ancient city!